Prince – Gent

One thing that I should mention is that I am lucky to have a partner that is often sent out of town for audits, so it gives me the opportunity to visit him over the weekend (when it’s still in Europe of course). This month he was sent to Belgium in town that I have never heard of called Gent. It’s probably one of the cutest I have been in a long time, with an architecture that resembles slightly Amsterdam, with more historical buildings and less crocked buildings. On my day of arrival, my partner had reserved a table at a restaurant called Prince (it’s highly recommended to reserve a table for diner in any restaurant as they are almost always fully booked).

Front look

Nothing much to say, it pretty much looked like all the other restaurants of the street.


I was completely waowed by the décor! The entrance had mini saloons almost like a tea time coffee shop with low seats and cute comfortable chairs. But what really caught my eyes were the tree branches fixed on the sealing that had pink flowers that were similar to the Japanese cherry blossoms. The effect against the green painted was sublime. I then assumed they must have some Asian influence in their cuisine but then again, we were in the middle of Belgium how likely would that be?

The seating area

After the mini saloons, we had to go through the BRIGHT open kitchen before getting to our table. If you don’t pay attention you would think it’s a bar for drinks but it’s actually both. It’s my first time seeing such a setting and I thought it was quite cool! However, the dining space had the same décor as the entrance aside the fact that it had wooden tables (the ones I like with raw wood).

The Menu

The choices were quite limited, they might have had a maximum of 9 items (which for me is the best because it means the chef is confident about his cuisine). However, they suggested a set menu with 6 dishes (you know my passion for tasting menus, read my article on this topic Menu Dégustation), so obviously that is what we went for.

The Service

Aside the fact that the waitresses looked young (I should have said Gent was known for being a student town, so a lot of having small jobs in the evening), they were very friendly and very easy going. They spoke English and French (Gent in a flamish town). Plus, they also explained the spirit of the restaurant which was:

  1. all the dishes were meant to be shared on the table
  2. It’s a combination of several specialities based on their origins. In the fact, the chef is from Iran, the waiters were from Mauritius, Belgium Vietnam, and the bar man from India.

What a beautiful cultural blend!

The Food

The influences could clearly be seen in the dishes but it was a mix Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. The flavours and seasonings were mostly Japanese Indian and Chinese, but I was blown away by the aubergine purée. It was not just an aubergine purée, it had mint and peanut, it tasted like nothing I had eaten before, so we were told it was an Iranian dish. I strongly recommend it. The other dishes tasted good but nothing ground breaking.


Overall this place was very cute because of its many cultural influences and its very lovely décor. The food also followed the theme so for a chilled and relaxed night with friends or with your lover, it would be a good choice! ⭐⭐⭐

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