Vermeer – Amsterdam

Hmmmm now this one! On our Amsterdam girl trip weekend, we selected this restaurant for saturday night’s diner (check out where we went for lunch). It was not even our first pick but I am so glad we finally settled for this restaurant! The place is so central that you can literally see it as you come out of the Centraal train station. Now one thing that sort of turned me off was the fact that it was located in a hotel. I don’t have anything against hotel’s restaurants but it often happens to be just one of the numerous services available for a hotel customer and is not always considered as an independent place. We discovered it as we were trying to book our table, the private dining email address was the hotel’s.

However, I must say when I physically got in front of the restaurant I was relieved as they had a separate entrance and the ambiance was completely different. So, the ambiance, can we talk about it? I loved the décor! Three words: grey, glass, gold. The rest was very modern minimalist and chic. Before I continue in my review I should indicate this restaurant has a star in the very renown Michelin guide.

Now the food: it was a “menu degustation” of 4, 5 or 6 dishes. (I will soon be writing an article on Menu degustation). We all went for different options but one thing was for sure, we were completely stuffed at the end of the diner! Gastronomic restaurants are often associated to rich people as they serve you very little tasteless food for very high prices. Now, let me tell this was the absolute opposite! The dishes presented were breathtaking. I could tell you about the hors d’ oeuvre that was literally a caramelised on the stalk brussels sprouts presented to us and cut directly in our bowls (I love it when they set a whole show for us, it brings a touch of art to the table!). I could also describe how the oyster salad combined with a sour pear cocktail tasted like heaven. But I will say you will not understand it until you try it for yourself! This restaurant is a must go in Amsterdam! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (

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