L’Auberge Frankenbourg – La Vancelle

Last year i was taken to this beautiful hostel as a surprise birthday gift. I’m saying hostel because that was the translation i found but i would rather say an “inn” or a “guest house”. As i entered the place i only thought we were staying there for the night. I had no clue they had their own restaurant which happened to have a star from the Michelin Guide! In case you are wondering, yes, the rooms are nice, well equipped with a touch of modernity (sliding doors for the washroom). However, my focus was more on the food we had the next day for lunch. I was surprised to see the people serving us dressed up so smartly, were the same setting up the buffet in the morning for breakfast! I simply loved their team spirit and their dress code/attitude adapting to the type of service they were providing. I found out later that it was a family business, which explains why all staff members were so devoted and got along so well. I appreciated the ambiance with the mother checking up on all her customers to make sure they were okay, and i must say I enjoyed their dishes! Simple, refined and delicious! I would recommend it any day because their balance of authenticity and professionalism was unprecedented! Well done! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (www.frankenbourg.com)IMG_0707

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