My first post

Hi, my name is Christelle and I’m writing my first post here. This is a HUGE step for me because I hate writing, but I figured it’s a very interesting means of communication (plus it’s cheaper than a video). One of my first barrier was the language. See, I’m francophone so I should be writing in french. But then I lived 14 years of my life in Ghana (please don’t ask me where it is, not only will I be offended , but I also don’t have the patience to give geography lessons right about now…Okay fine I’ll give you a clue : West Africa, rings a bell?), plus everybody should be bilingual by now, so i’ll just stick to english.

Anyways, let’s focus! As I mentioned above my name is Christelle and I’m a foodie, or a foodian or however you call it, basically I love food. Hmmm… I feel I need to correct what i just said because i can forsee christians eying me from very far away… I didn’t say I was a glutton, but let’s stay on the safer side, I’ll use a more professional way of saying this: I’m passionate about culinary art (sounds so cool!!). On a more serious note, every single bits of it, from the ingredients varieties to the plate presentation, I’m all in.

I felt the need to create a blog because instagram was not enough. Images are perfect to  send emotions, but lets be franc, a taste of it would be better. In fact all senses are involved, for example a barbecue. Oh my God! I picture myself on summertime in my backyard grilling some marinated chicken (Okay fair enough I wouldn’t be the one turning the thighs on the grill, but i’m right there, next to him, so it’s almost the same thing) i can hear the skin cook with the heat of the charcoal, I can smell my mum’s special seasoning made of rosemary and garlic , and then i finally grab one away and set it on a plastic plate (hello! it’s a barbecue!nothing fancy!) next to a delicious potatoe salad, can you picture it? i can feel the meat is still tender and juicy even though it’s well done. At that very moment, there is only one thing left to be said, BON APPETIT! Unfortunately, you don’t get to feel all that just by viewing a picture, so I’m hoping with my descriptions i can at least make you dream about it.

So yes, it’s mostly for pleasure, you would read articles on me wondering on the origins of some dishes, or  discover my opinion on restaurants I’ve tried, or other stuff (not sure yet, I will roll with the flow). But what you need to know is I will give you as much as I can , for me because I don’t want to keep all these experiences to myself (sometimes I feel I’m gonna explode, I have so much to say!), but mostly for you, because I choose to believe you would enjoy reading me.

Anyways, let’s do this!

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